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Two Painters  

Rodolfo & Nancy Glenn-Nieto
Above center: Rodolfo Nieto & Nancy Glenn-Nieto, c. 1971. Featured behind them from top left to right: "Orange Toro," by Rodolfo Nieto, "La Musica," by Nancy Glenn-Nieto, below: "Monte Alban," by Nancy Glenn-Nieto, and below left: "Bongo Player," by Rodolfo Nieto.

Two Painters
From the time they met, they were in each others eyes. He, the renown international painter, had returned to his homeland, Mexico, after a decade of living in Paris. Her lifelong fascination with art drew her to the art scene in Mexico City. At a reception for the Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros they first saw each other. From that moment, their lives melted together in love and in an exploration of art

Skull Art, by

Nancy Glenn-Nieto